A Few Roses... (for tori)

December (cont’d)

Ok, so now I was FINALLY home for Christmas break. I got to spend a ton of time with my family, which is always amazing. However, this blog is solely for the purpose of things pertaining to teaching, so I will get on with that. Christmas came and went, and a few days after, Sarah left me a frantic voicemail stating that she took a very low-paying job teaching at a KinderCare and was quitting North Carolina. Of course, at first, I freaked out a little…but it all worked out and I now live in a cute, charming, old house in the country. (ROSE) I also have a temporary roommate until July, to split the already amazingly cheap expenses of living here. :) (ROSE) So anyhow, most of the second half of December was spent at home with the people I love and care about, which is exactly what I needed. (ROSE)


School started again on January 5th, so I got back the afternoon of the 4th so that I could have a day to just relax and veg out a little. School has been wonderful since I’ve been back from break. The kids have been awesome and I have seen a really big improvement in their reading skills and question-answering ability. The responses I am reading in their Reading Journals are more in-depth and more focused on the topics, and their overall writing has greatly improved, which means that I am doing my job! (ROSE) I am such a proud mama of my little sweets. They work so very, very hard for me. (ROSE)
On a side note, regarding moving to a new house and transitioning, I have to say that I have some amazing friends here in the south. I moved every item that I possibly could from my bedroom and linen closet three weekends ago, to the new house. Then, two weekends ago (MLK weekend), I moved everything from the kitchen, bathroom and living room over here…myself. On MLK Jr. day, Amber and John offered to borrow John’s dad’s truck for the day, to move all of my large furniture for me, which I gladly accepted because I own a Pontiac Grand Prix, which would not be able to move my queen-sized bed or my couches or my kitchen table, etc…so now, I am in this cute, amazing, cheap, fantastic, lovely, and wonderful home in the country! :) I just got a little carried away with the adjectives, but I really love my new home!

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