So, it was the week before school had started, and I was feeling a little under-the-weather. I decided that since I had a week to feel 100% before my students exhaust me, I should probably go to the doctor. I went to the doctor, and what should I learn, but it is the end of August and I have bronchitis! This is so not good! So I take the antibiotics and convince myself that I will feel better in no time! And then, the first day of school hits. It is fantastic! My students are so little and I am so excited, and first grade is unbelievably perfect for me! But, I still feel sick, my head hurts, my body aches, and I am coughing like I’ve had the croup for 4 months. The next day, I feel even sicker. This pattern continues until I am at school, on the morning of my second Monday, and I am crying in my classroom as I call my old neighbor (from fifth grade) to have her schedule me a doctor’s appointment after school because I can not ever get in to that darn office and I feel like crud! I inform my new neighbors (a veteran teacher and a newbie – it’s her first year…and it’s my second!) that I have an appointment after school. The veteran tells me, “Absolutely not young lady, you are going NOW. I am calling “old neighbor” back to schedule you now. You sound awful!” At this point, I am in tears again, and I walk back into my room as newbie says “You should just go to the doctor! You need to feel better and the kids are just going to make you more sick!” as I reply “I don’t want to leave school! I don’t want to be sick!” so boo-hoo, off I go to the doctor’s office. Fast forward to a week later, I have been on steroids, antibiotics, vicodin and an inhaler. I feel great! Here’s to hoping that the week I’m about to begin is the best one yet!


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